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DO GOOD Event + Updates
  • Tomorrow is the Do Good Event!!

Please bring donations of canned/pantry items, new socks, loose change, phone chargers, t-shirts/sweatshirts, toiletries, new toys, art supplies and winter hats/gloves.

There will be a labeled bin near the practice field to deposit donations if you are not attending the event. 

If attending, slip on your red jersey (and maybe some deodorant 😄) and head over to the Summit with your donations.


Julie Tafelski 




  • Freshmen Game Photos can be accessed at


          Click 'photos/videos'. Thank you, Kurt Radwanski!


  • JV and Freshmen Parents! Our announcer, Robert Mitchell, needs a spotter to assist in the press box, beginning with the next home game (Sep. 20th). Please watch signup genius for this opportumity. Great chance at a birds-eye view of the game! You can also email Dianne if you would lie to reserve the position before it hits signup genius: < >



Please feel free to reply to this message with any questions.

Hanoe Gibbons


by posted 09/10/2018

This Week:


Mon:  Practice 3:30-6:30pm

Tues: Practice 3:30-6:30pm

Wed: Practice 3:30-6:30pm

Thurs: Practice 2:45-5:45pm followed by Pasta Dinner 5:45

Fri: 5:30pm Chalk Talk followed by Home vs Salem 7pm

Sat: Film 9am-12pm



Mon: Practice 3:30-6:15pm

Tues: Practice 3:30-6:15pm

Wed: Practice 3:30-6:15pm

Thurs: 5:30pm Chalk Talk followed by Away vs Salem 6:30pm

Fri: Film 3pm


Mon: Practice 2:45-5:30pm

Tues: Practice 2:45-5:30pm

Wed: Practice 2:45-5:30pm

Thurs: Chalk Talk 3:30pm, Away @ Salem 4:30pm

Fri: Film 2:30pm-5:00pm




  • Canton's 1st Annual Do Good Expo 
    September 11, 2018 6-8pm or immediately after practice (bring red jerseys to slip on)
    Summit on the Park
    46000 Summit Parkway
    Canton 48188

The National Day of Service and Remembrance Effort established the tradition of engaging in community service on 9/11with a tribute to the 9/11 victims, survivors, and those who rose up in service in response to the attacks.

Chiefs: Please bring donations to assist the Homeless Community Service Project. Needed items: canned/pantry items, new socks, loose change, phone chargers, t-shirts/sweatshirts, toiletries, new toys, art supplies, winter hats/gloves, fleece blankets

     Free t-shirt for the first 50 Do-Gooders!

***If you can’t make the event please consider bringing some of the items above to practice on 9/11 and they will be delivered for you. ***

      Thank you, Julie Tafelski for coordinating! Questions: j



  • 9/14 Salem game will be Coaches vs Cancer game.  The cheer and pom teams are heading this up.  Our Booster Club purchased tee shirts for every player.  More details to follow!


  • All Squad Pasta Dinner was a success! Thanks to Carrabba's for donating the pasta and salad for all our boys.  Also, a big thank you to all the parents that helped set up and serve or donated a dessert.


  • We need 4 more volunteers for this week's Varsity Pasta Dinner. We only have 2 volunteers to send desserts. Sign up here:



  • The $5 Programs are being printed this week!  We need 2 volunteers to sell them at Friday's game.    Please sign up on Sign Up Genius.  Also, they will be ready for the Freshman and JV game if any parent would like to take a few to sell at those games.  You can do it from your seat.  If you can help at the Freshman and/or Freshman game, please send Dianne Suppelsa a text  (734)788-8343 or email ( ) since there is not a Sign Up Genius for those 2 games.


  • Thank you to the dads that helped with Chain Gang for last Thursday's  Freshman and JV games.  It takes a lot of volunteers to ensure that our games run smoothly.


  • Thank you to Kurt Radwanska, Slavica Vidojevski, and Jon Vespaziani for choosing to take pictures at our games.  Jon would love help at the JV and Varsity games if anyone else would like to join him on the field.  Just go to Sign Up Genius and you too can be one of our official photographers. 


  • Finally, thanks to Laura Vespaziani for chairing the Chairing the Rotary BBQ and to all the parents and boys that helped build the BBQ on Saturday evening.  They so needed our help and 40 boys stepped up to the challenge.  Thank you CHIEFS!!!



by Hanoe Gibbons posted 09/10/2018
Just a few upcoming reminders:
  •             ​Thursday, August 9:  Tomorrow is our 2nd money collection day...we are only 643 away from our goal.  Two players have each sold 60...we need everyone to do their part and sell their 20 cards.  Money should be turned in with their name and amount written on the front of the envelope.  Checks can be made out to CCFBC if that is easier. If you need more cards, please text or call Mrs. Troszak (734)751-2823.
  •              ​Friday, August 10:  FULL PADS  Spirit Ads are due today if you wish to purchase one for your player.  Please turn your order form and money into Dave Larson (734)502-2524/6699 Wethersfield Way Canton.  The boys love seeing the messages in the Program book!
  •             Saturday, August 11:  ALL money and left over cards are turned back in to coaches.  Check-In will start at 7:00 am.  This is a time consuming process and it takes time to verify that every player's cards and/or money is accounted for.  Players will not be allowed on the field until they are cleared regarding Adrenaline Cards.  They will be sent home to get ones that are forgotten.  If you signed up to bring water/Gatorade and ice for the pizza party, please keep your receipts and give them to Joelle Troszak by 8:00 on Saturdaymorning.  Please put it in an envelope with your name and your players name and squad so that she can get you reimbursed.
                                             11:00  Pizza Party for all players to celebrate the end of Adrenaline Fundraising
                                            12-3 Blitz:  Those players that did not sell their 20 Adrenaline cards will be selling at local businesses or in                                                  local neighborhoods.  Parents of those players are expected to provide transportation to the assigned location.
  •             ​Sunday, August 11:  No Practice...It has been decided that the players need a day to rest.
  •             Monday, August 12:  Practice for all squads will be from 3:30-8:30.  The players will be given a Focal Point Order form for team pictures
  •             ​Tuesday, August 13:  Practice for all squads will be from 3:30-8:30.
  •             Wednesday, August 14:  It is picture day!  Pictures take place at the Varsity Field.  Please remind your player to wear their complete uniform:  helmet, pants, jersey, socks, and belt. Every player needs to have money or check if ordering pictures.
                                           The schedule is:                                
                                           1:30  Varsity...arrive by 1:00.  Practice will be from 3:30-6:30 in shells
                                           2:00  JV...arrive by 1:30.  Practice will be from 3:30-6:30 in shells
                                           2:30  Freshman...arrive by 2:00.  Practice will be from 3:30-6:30 in FULL PADS
  •          ​Thursday, August 15 Scrimmage in Wyandotte
                                            Freshman...arrive at Phase 3 by 10:00 am.  Everyone rides the bus there and back.  Players wear full pads.                                                Carry your helmet and shoulder pads.  The scrimmage is at noon.
                                             JV....arrive at Phase 3 by 2:00.  The scrimmage is at 4:00.
                                             Varsity ...arrive at Phase 3 by 4:00.  The scrimmage is at 6:30.
  •         Friday, August 16:  Practice will be from Noon-2:00 for Varsity and JV. 
                                        Practice will be from 3:30-6:30 for Freshman.
  •         ​Saturday, August 17:  Practice is from 9-Noon..this practice is totally dependent on the number of Adrenaline cards sold and if the entire program meets the goal set by Coach!
  •         ​Sunday, August 18:  Day Off/Rest
As alway, please contact me if you have any questions.  
Dianne Suppelsa (734)788-8343  
Go Chiefs!

by posted 08/08/2018
Important Dates
  • Tuesday and Thursday are ADRENALINE CHECKS! Please be ready 30 minutes prior to your practice time with your money in an envelope marked with your name, squad and amount. Tuesday's goal is to have at least 15 cards sold. Please keep selling so we can meet our team goal of 2,000 cards sold. This is a TEAM effort and can not be met by a few individuals! 
  • Joelle Troszak will be at the practice field after tomorrow's practice if anyone needs more cards.
  • Mark your calendars for NEXT SUNDAY, August 12th for a possible practice, approx 90 minutes. Details will be communicated as soon as they are available.
  • Pay To Play reminder: Deadline Monday, Aug. 20th.


  • SPIRIT ADS for the football program are due THIS FRIDAY Aug. 1oth to Dave Larson. Please contact Dave directly at 734-502-2524.
  • TEAM PICTURES Wednesday, Aug. 15th

       Varsity 1 pm

       JV 2 pm

       Freshman 2:30 pm


  • See Full Season Calendar (Select Varsity, JV or Freshman, 'Show All Events')


  • PLEASE NOTE! The online schedule above always supersedes any prior schedules - please check it frequently! Same week schedule changes will always be communicated via email also.

by posted 08/05/2018
Equipment Handout/Exchange




Monday is officially the start of the season! If you still need to get your equipment or exchange something, please come to the Equipment Room Monday:

  • 7:00-7:30 am for JV/ Varsity
  • 2:30-3:00 pm for Freshman. 

by Hanoe Gibbons posted 08/02/2018
Canton Golf Outing

Last call for golfers!!!!  Anyone??

Thanks for all the donations!  Please keep them coming :)
And thank you to our latest group of supporting families:
Salowich Family - donations
Wright Family - golfing
Keen Family - sponsor
Burg Family - sponsor
Savage Family - sponsor
Wakenell Family - donation
Patel Family - donations
A huge thank you to all these Chief families who are making this golf tournament possible:
Davis (Jacob)
Herberholz (Queen)
Van Berkel
Thank you also to all of the boys who have volunteered to help carry bags & to the parents who have volunteered to help me at the outing.  I will be sending a separate email tomorrow to these boys/parents.
Heather Vickers
Go Chiefs!!

posted 07/31/2018
Sign Up Genius



  • Please click ''Sign Up Genius" tab above.
  • Enter email address ( ) when prompted for the Sign Up List's creator.  


Please contact Dianne directly (734)788-8343)  with any questions.

by Hanoe Gibbons posted 07/25/2018
Hey Chiefs!  
We would still like to have a few more golfers, so if you haven’t turned in your foursome yet, please get it to me.  We are getting down to crunch time :)  And remember, if you don’t golf, you can still come to the dinner ($35 per person).  
Reminder that Jenn Kubacki will be putting together the gift baskets for the ticket auction & the live auction, so all donations can be dropped off at her house (412 Country Club Lane, Canton 48188).   Please bring to her back porch/gazebo and put in the donations bin.  If dropping off gift cards, please make sure the amount of gift card is indicated somewhere.   Also - Please make sure you email us to let us know that you will be dropping off, so that we make sure that your family gets credit :) 
Jenn’s email : 
My email : 
Player Volunteer Opportunity:  We would love to have some of the football players help carry golf bags to the carts as our golfers arrive on Aug. 4th.  If your player is interested, please email me & I will send a separate email with more details.  I would want them to arrive by 11:15 & they would be finished by about 1:15pm.  
Parent Volunteer Opportunity: I need one or maybe 2 parents who would be willing to sit at the grand prize Hole in One hole to serve as a witness in case anyone hits a hole in one.  One person from 1:25-3:30 and another person from 3:25-5:30ish.  Please email me if you would be willing to do this.
Parent Volunteer Opportunity: I would love to have someone who is willing to come & take pictures of our foursomes.  These pictures will go in our football program.  Any photographers out there?
Thanks so much to all of the families who have supported the golf outing this past week:
Tafelski family - donation
Dattilio family - donation
Stesiak family - sponsor & donation
Baechler family - golfing & sponsor
Gibbons family - sponsor
Milo family - golfing & sponsor
Kubacki family - golfing
Vespaziani family - golfing
Jabob Davis family - golfing
Harger family - sponsor
Huntley family - sponsor
Faulkner family - golfing
Vickers family - golfing, sponsor & donation
Radomski family - sponsor
Coach Tata - golfing
Johnson family - sponsor & donation
VanDeWinkle (Godman) - sponsor
Here is the updated list of participating families.  Still hoping for 100% :
Davis (Jacob)
Herberholz (Queen)
Van Berkel
Thank you so much for all of the support!  Couldn’t make this happen without all of you!!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Go Chiefs!

posted 07/25/2018
Golf Outing - August 4th!

The 16th Annual Canton Chiefs Golf Tournament is August 4th. We need golfers!!  We would like to have at least 100 golfers for a shot gun start.  

How can you participate?
1. Golf
2. Sponsor:  If you are not a golfer, we still need your help!!  Do you own a business or know someone who does?  Sponsoring a cart or hole is a great way to advertise your business and help out your Canton Chiefs football team.  Your family can also sponsor a cart or hole. 
3. Donate:  Ask the businesses who take YOUR money; hair salons, nail salons, lawn maintenance companies, insurance companies, financial advisors, restaurants, etc.   These donations are tax-deductible.  (The letter with our tax-ID is attached). 
The golf registration form and sponsorship form can be found under the 'Documents' tab on the left.
Please contact Heather Vickers  with any questions: hmvickers@gmail.com

by posted 06/28/2018
Canton Football/Fundraiser Pick Up/PRIVOT/ Summer Workouts
  • REMINDER: Don't forget to update your player's PRIVOT account or create one if you have not already done so.  Please remember that the physical needs to be downloaded to your account.  (Physicals must be dated after April 15, 2018 in order to play.)  The directions for PRIVOT are in the red folder that every player received at Meet the Coaches night.
  • Coach LaFata would like to remind everyone that next week is a mandated down week.  Therefore, there will not be any workouts or Passing League.  He also wants to remind everyone that the summer workout schedule is:
    Monday/Wednesday:  Players start at the Varsity Field and then walk over to Phase 3
    Tuesday/Thursday:  Players are at Phase 3 for the entire time.  
    (Therefore, summer workouts always end at Phase 3.)
  • Finally, the Passing League (Varsity players only) will resume on Monday, July 9 at 6 pm at Franklin.             

by posted 06/27/2018
Canton Football Updates for June
  •  Skills Camp:  Last week, Coach Mui and several other coaches worked with the incoming 9th graders at the annual Freshman camp.  We would like to welcome all the new families and players.  Don't forget that there is another opportunity to get to know your teammates the week of July 23rd during the 2nd Skills Camp Week.  If you did not receive your shirt & shorts at the first camp, they will be there for the second one.
  •  Full House T/ 3-4 Camp:  This camp is for JV and Varsity players and begins June 17th 2:00-5:00 pm.  It is supposed to be super hot, so start hydrating today!  Water, Water, Water  Camp will be from 5:00-8:00 on TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday
  •  Passing League: This is for some Varsity players and the players will know if they are to attend.  This event has been changing for the past few weeks but as of yesterday, here are the details.  Monday (6/18) will be held at Livonia Franklin High School from 6:00-7:45 pm.  The boys will meet at Phase 3 at 5:00 to carpool.    
  •  Workouts/Speed Training:  This is for all players!  This starts on Monday, June 25th and is held from Monday-Thursday from 10:00-11:30/noon.  Monday/Wednesday are in the Weight Room and Tuesday/Thursday are Speed Training in the Gym.  If your player has an issue with transportation, please let Coach LaFata know.  We may be able to suggest a player that lives in your area that could provide help.
  •  Fan Cloth Fundraiser:  Supposedly, it is all arriving on Tuesday at Dianne Suppelsa's house.  As soon as it arrives, she would like it out of her garage, so please plan on picking your order up on Wednesday.  We will send out an email as soon as it arrives with details as to the pick up times.
  •  Golf Outing:  Mark your calendars for August 4th!  Heather Vickers is the chairperson for this event (hmvickers@gmail.com). It is a huge undertaking and it would be helpful if you could get your forms in.  She is looking for golfers!!!  Please don't wait and make her worry if we have enough people or sponsors.  If you are golfing, sponsoring a hole, sending in donations, etc...we urge you to do it now!  We hope every family will participate in some manner.  This  is a fun day to spend together as the Canton Chief Football Family.  Let's make this year's golf event a success!!
  • Club Emails: If you are not receiving club emails and have previously submitted your contact info, please double check your spam folder and/or add  Notification@leagueathletics.com to your contacts. If you would like to add a new email, please send it to gibbons.hanoe@gmail.com.


by Hanoe Gibbons posted 06/18/2018